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Top Haunted Places in Varanasi

Such scary places in Kashi(Varanasi) city are famous for many interesting stories.


Haunted Places in Varanasi: The famous and sacred temples of Kashi (Varanasi), the holiest city of Uttar Pradesh, are visited by lakhs of devotees every day. You must have visited the streets, famous ghats, and holy temples of Varanasi sometime or the other and must have come alone or with your family on a Varanasi tour.


You must have visited other historical places in Varanasi, but how much do you know about the haunted places in this city? Friends, there are many such scary places in this city, where many people are afraid to go even in the daylight and are afraid to go out alone at night.




In this article, we are going to tell you about the most famous haunted places in Varanasi. let us know


 1. Rajghat Bridge

Although there are more than a dozen bridges in Varanasi, which include big and small bridges, out of all these bridges, the name of the bridge that comes up, again and again, is the Rajghat bridge. This bridge built on the river Ganga is not only beautiful to see, but it is equally famous for the horror stories in the surrounding areas.


Local people believe that at midnight many animals run on this bridge and suddenly turn into humans. Many people also believe that many incidents have happened suddenly on this bridge, hearing about which people's soul trembles.


2. Manikarnika Ghat


It is very rare to find a mention of haunted places in Varanasi and one of the most haunted ghats is not mentioned. Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi is a place where many people are cremated every day.



There is a story about this ghat that spirits wander here at night. The person who goes to visit Varanasi never reaches here alone at night. Many people believe that this ghat is also the home of spirits. Mahadev's grace on Kashi is such that no accident has happened to anyone here.




3. BHU Medical Center


If you have ever come on a Varanasi trip, then you must have known about BHU (Kashi Hindu University). Almost everyone knows, it is one of the most famous universities in India. But BHU Medical Center is famous for not one but many horror stories. Local people believe that many such activities have been seen behind the medical center which is no less than a horror story.


Many people believe that two spirits appear here at night. Some people believe that screams come from behind the medical center at night and no one goes out of fear.






4. Chet Singh Fort


Chet Singh Fort, built around the 18th century, is also one of the haunted places in Varanasi. It is said about this fort that as soon as the sun sets, a melodious sound starts coming, but when someone calls, the sound does not come. (Horror places of Udaipur)


Local people believe that the soul of the person guarding this fort still roams in this fort. Many people believe that this fort had many tunnels where corpses were thrown.






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